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The Heico Companies Acquires Versatile Mold and Design, Inc.

Durability as the Cornerstone of Composite and Plastic Molding

Maximize Your Sound: A Comprehensive Guide to Instrument Knobs for Musicians Who Demand the Best

Embracing Excellence: Davies Molding's Manufacturing Day Tradition

Thermoset Plastic Molding

What is the difference between Thermoset molding and Thermoplastic molding?

Announcing a Big Change at Davies!

A Summer Well Spent

A Warm Welcome to Yusuf!

The Interns Tour Davies

Severe Weather Drill Teamwork

Former Intern Becomes Full-Time Employee

Newest Engineer On Board

Meet Our Asset in Accounting

Die-hard Bulls Fan at Davies

New Intern Gets a Handle On Things

Check Out Our Stand-Out New Product Line!

Grommets to the Rescue!

Say Hello to Some New Davies Products

That's A Wrap!

New Additions to the Two-Shot Pull Handle

The Adjustable Handle Is Here!

Meet the Newest Davies Team Member, Judy!

We're Going Green, One Bottle at a Time

It's Intern Season!

The Miles to Niles

A New Partnership Has Been Formed

Proudly Made in the USA

Interning at Davies Is Hard Work, but We Think He Can Handle It.

Time to Mold a New Intern!

Meet Our Engineering Intern

The Escape Room Challenge

Meet the Newest Davies Molding Team Member- Arnie

NEW Two-Shot Pull Handles

45 Years of Service at Davies Molding

What is a Davies Molding Hockey Puck?

I Know What Davies Did This Summer

We Have It Covered

What is Daka-ware?

Meet the Newest Davies Molding Team Member- Jim

Summer Interns, Having a Blast!

Forklift Safety Day 2016

Global Petroleum Show- Day 3

Global Petroleum Show- Day 2

Global Petroleum Show- Day 1

Meet Our Summer Intern

Davies Molding Hurricane Knobs

Heico Legal Partners Visit Davies Molding

We're Making A Difference

Insert Molding Expertise

Day 2 of the Prime Advantage Conference

Prime Advantage Spring Conference 2016- Day 1

We're RoHS Compliant

US Representative Visits Davies Molding

Mold Flow Simulation Analysis for Custom Molding

I'll Tumble For You....Post-Molding Operations

Meet the Davies Molding Team - Sue

Meet the Davies Molding Team - Janice

Meet the Davies Molding Team - Barb

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?  It's Tool Time!

Meet the Davies Molding Team - Edgar

Save Some Washingtons and Lincolns with Davies Products

Meet the Davies Molding Team - Pete

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Crystal

The Story Behind Our Soft Touch Knobs and Handles

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Kim

Meet the Davies Molding Team - Mitch

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Mike

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Kevin

Holiday Wishes From Davies Molding

Selling Tips To Prepare You For 2016

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Cindy

We're Giving Warmth This Holiday Season

Meet the Newest Davies Molding Team Member- Ted

Summer Intern Field Trip- National Standard

New Products- Knob Indexing Plungers

RoHS Compliance: What does it mean?

We're Not Just Standard- Meet Our New Metric Line!

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Tim

The Dogs Days of Summer- Heat Safety

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Jenny

Meet the Davies Molding Team- George

Safety First- CPR & First Aid Training

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Jim

We're Made in the USA!

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Veronica

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Tina

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Jessica

Let There Be Light- New State of the Art Lighting Improvements

Meet the Davies Molding Team- Lyndsay

Forklift Safety Day

Meet Our Newest Davies Member

Out With The Old and In With the New Equipment

OTC Show- Day 3

OTC Show- Day 2

OTC Show- Day 1

What Happens in Vegas...

2, 4, 6, 8! Who Do We Appreciate?

Going, Going, Gone!

Marketing Soluble Frac Ball - AMM Article

Can You "Handle" This?

WithStand- The Technology That Won't Back Down From Microbial Growth

Save Some Washingtons and Lincolns with our Adjustable Handles

We're Going to Level with You

Happy Holidays from Davies Molding

Pad Printing

See You at the Finish Line

Made in the USA

ISO Certification for plastic molding: What does it mean?

What is Hydrographic Printing?

The Impact of 3-D Printing on Custom Plastic Molding

The New Trend in Industrial Shift Knobs

Barb Hanson, recognized for 45 years of service at Davies Molding

Daka-ware: a brief history of Industrial Knobs

Custom Molding: Choosing the right material for your plastic knob or handle

Top 3 Trends in Industrial Pull Handles

3 FABTECH Takeaways from Davies Molding

Custom Knobs: just like Burger King- we make them your way!

Custom Plastic Molding for Valve Controls

Using Threaded Knobs for Maximum Torque Strength

Made in the USA Butterfly Valve

It's in the details -specialized packaging for plastic knobs and handles

Davies Molding Company...Plastic Knobs Then & Now

The answer is clear- plastic knobs with clear skirts

Reduce Costs by switching your metal parts to plastic

Join Davies Molding on Manufacturing Day, Friday,October 4!

Plastic Knobs and Handles - The Insert Molding Advantage

Interested in custom molding options?

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For over 90 years Davies has been molding custom plastic components for all industries, including lighting, lawn & garden, industrial machinery, medical, oil & gas, and many more. Our compression, injection, and transfer molding capabilities provide tremendous flexibility in part design and production.

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