What Happens in Vegas...

Posted by Jenny DuPrey, Marketing Manager at Davies Molding

Apr 28, 2015 8:40:01 AM

Typically you hear, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Not in this case!  We recently attended the Prime Advantage Spring 2015 Conference, which was held in at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Nevada.  We thought we would share highlights of that conference with you.

We met with 30 Prime Advantage members at the conference.  These meetings included conversations about standard projects but also included custom molding opportunities to provide support for the members that were looking for molders of their existing products.  Running concurrently with Member and Endorsed Supplier One-On-One Sessions at the conference, the Engineering Focus Sessions featured unique and timely topics of interest to professional engineers and their industrial manufacturing companies.

Topics Included:

  • Emerging Technologies and Trends Driving the Kitchen of the Future
  • Latest Innovations in Motor Applications and Trends
  • How to Avoid Problems and Increase Robustness
  • Myths and Facts Regarding Product Safety: A Practical Guide to Compliance
  • The Better I Communicate, The Better I Lead

Thank you to all the members who came together to deepen strategic collaboration, share best practices, explore innovative solutions and meet people who can be resources now and in the future.  It was a great venue and a wonderful conference.  The pay out at Prime Advantage was much higher than the black jack tables!




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