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Barb Hanson, recognized for 45 years of service at Davies Molding

Posted by Marketing Manager at Davies Molding

Dec 20, 2013 11:09:35 AM



It was an extra-special celebration at our holiday luncheon this year.  The food was pretty good,  the speeches were encouraging, but the annual employee anniversary awards were downright awe-inspiring.   15 and even 20 years of service seems relatively common in the manufacturing world, but 30 and 45? That is true dedication. Davies Molding has been molding custom plastic parts for over 80 years, and we attribute a large part of our success to the dedication of employees like Barb Hanson, who celebrated her 45 year anniversary, and Carol Cimino, who celebrated her 30 year anniversary.   Here is a list of all of the employees that celebrated their anniversaries - Congratulations!

45 yrs:          Barbara J. Hanson 

30 yrs:          Carol A. Cimino


20 yrs:           Arturo Ballines

                        Brian D. Dady

                        Kevin O’Brien

                        Lan T. Tran

                        Rick C. Friel


15 yrs:           Ramon Rivera

                        Raquel Forte

                        Zivko Golub


 10 yrs:           Mark Pelnar




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