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It's in the details -specialized packaging for plastic knobs and handles

Posted by Davies Molding

Oct 28, 2013 12:05:00 PM

Quality needs to continue even after your plastic knob or handle has been made.  Improperly packaged parts can cause defective goods, resulting in lost manufacturing time and lost revenue. Davies Molding provides a variety of packaging requirements such as bagging, layer packaging, clamshell or blister packaging, and bar code labelling to make sure your plastic knobs and handles arrive securely packed the way you need it.  Here is a list of some specialized packaging for plastic knobs and handles:

  • Bagging: Thermoset Phenolic Knobs are durable and heat-resistant, but can be prone to chipping if not packaged plastic_knob_bagging_imageproperly.  Wrapping and bagging are important for phenolic knobs to ensure they arrive for your project in proper shape. At Davies Molding, we make sure our phenolic knobs are packed properly to arrive in pristine condition


  • Egg Crate Packaging: Just as the name implies, we pack some of our knobsplastic-knob-egg-crate-pkg that require extra care in egg crate style packaging.  This is important for knobs shipped long distances and with intricate designs



  • Layer Packaging: Layer packing is a cost-effective way to pack knobs and handles for long distance shipping and keeps the parts in an easy-to store package for longer-term storage. Thin cardboard inserts separate each layer and protect the knobs from chipping


  • Barcode Labeling: In addition to offering packaging that protects your plastic knobs and handles, Davies Molding provides bar code labeling to track and  identify the parts at your manufacturing facility.





Need help deciding which packaging might work best for your plastic part?  Call us today at 1-800-554-9208 for more information. 

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