Forklift Safety Day 2016

Posted by Jenny DuPrey, Marketing Manager at Davies Molding

Jun 15, 2016 7:57:56 AM

Yesterday was National Forklift Safety Day 2016.  We use forklifs at our plant, so it was important to us to do something to participate in this event.  

To bring awareness to all of our employees, we showed a forklift safety training video and provided handouts to everyone.  We explained key points of safety for the operators and the pedestrians.  To make the safety training a little sweeter, we handed out donuts as well!


Forklift Facts:

  • 20,000 serious injuries by forklifts are reported every year
  • 80% of forklift accidents involve pedestrians
  • According to OSHA, 70% of forklift accidents can be prevented with training and safety instructions

To learn more about forklift safety, you can visit:

National Forklift Safety Day

OSHA Forklift Safety

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