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Custom Molding: Choosing the right material for your plastic knob or handle

Posted by Davies Molding

Dec 5, 2013 7:44:03 AM

Nothing is more important than choosing the right material for your plastic knob or handle.  Careful consideration of the end user and application can save time and money in the long-run.  Don’t know where to start?  Here is list of materials for both thermoset plus thermoplastic and their applications to get you started.  Talk to our highly trained technical sales and engineering staff if you have questions.  We work with hundreds of various materials and constantly reviewing new materials as they come on the market. 

What materials are available for plastic knobs and which is right for my application?

Thermoplastic Materials



Applications and Uses


Extremely rigid, high melting point, high strength, good frictional properties, resistance to fatigue

Gears, bearings, bushings, cams, housings, conveyors, plumbing fixtures, gas tank caps, automotive door handles, seat belt components, and zippers


Exceptional resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering, outstanding clarity, good light transmission

Swimming pools, skylights, sinks, washbasins, room dividers, and the tail lights on automobiles

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)

Outstanding impact strength and high mechanical strength, great as a substrate for metalizing

Appliances, automotive parts, pipe, business machines, telephone components, shower heads, door handles, faucet handles, and automotive front grilles


Known for their stability and adaptability

Automotive parts, electrical and electronic applications, and packaging


Exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant properties

Aerospace, heavy equipment, and automotive


Known for its strength, toughness, chemical resistance, and high melting points

Automotive, appliances, electrical and electronic applications, ovenware, and outdoor lighting

Thermoset Materials



Applications and Uses


Excellent heat resistance, dimensionally stable under components,excellent dielectric strength

Electrical applications like circuit breaker insulation, switchgear, cases, housings, capacitor and resistor encapsulation, automotive parts, and coatings

BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)

Highly rigid, impact resistant, exceptional physical and aesthetic properties, high strength-to-weight ratio

Appliance parts, electric and electrical components, HVAC components, industrial light housings, automotive, recessed lighting baffles

Diallyl Phthalate (DAP)

Virtually no post-mold shrinkage, high impact resistance, resistant to sudden and extreme jolts and severe stresses, recommended for very high temperatures, chemical resistant, fungus resistant

Cross-linking agent, thermosetting molding powders, casting resins, and laminates, military, electronic components

Custom Molding

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