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Pad Printing

Posted by Marketing Manager at Davies Molding

Nov 25, 2014 7:58:46 AM

In today's marketplace, many customer have a demand for products that offer high levels of personalization.  Davies Molding understands that need and offers pad printing (also called tampography) to our customers.  Whether it's your company logo, lettering or symbols you want added to your product, we can do that for you.

The pad printing process starts with creating an engraved plate (also referred to as a cliche) that is used to transfer the design onto the product.  The plate is inked and a silicone pad is pressed on the surface to transfer the ink onto the product.  The unique properties of the silicone pad allow it to pick up the image from the plate and transfer it to the product surface.

Pad printing has many advantages over other printing processes.

  • Almost any material can be printed on
  • Better resolution than screen printing
  • Possibility to apply multiple prints without intermediate drying
  • Low set up cost and short tooling times

If you need a quote or additional information on pad printing, please contact our team to assist you further


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