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Top 3 Trends in Industrial Pull Handles

Posted by Marketing Manager at Davies Molding

Nov 26, 2013 9:49:11 AM

Our 4570 Soft Touch Handle is showing up more in more in new industrial applications.  Here are the top 3 trends in industrial pull handles that's driving the success:


1)  Material- Thermoplastic Overmold.  This material provides a soft feel and touch that allows a better grip and long-lasting comfort.

2)  Color!  So long boring black.  Check out the picture of some of the colors in the assortment.

3) Style.  "Design with function" is not just a term that fancy product designers use- it's how we describe the 4570 industrial handle. Customizing the color allows you to differenciate your product and feature unique details in your application.

Check out some 4570 Application Highlights:



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